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Mission Statement

Mosaic Explore’s mission is to provide a menu of educational enrichment opportunities in a welcoming environment where homeschool students’ academics, cooperation and courtesy can flourish.


1. A La Carte/ Configurable Schedule

Through Mosaic Explore’s flexible platform, students and parents can configure their own schedule by enrolling into one or more classes, consecutive or not. The academic year has four terms of 7 weeks each, with the 8th week used when needed for any make up classes. Courses will take place on Wednesdays, between 9 am and 3 pm. Families will be able to enroll their children for one term at a time, with no obligation to continue throughout the whole academic year.
Since there will be simultaneous classes of various length, parents are advised to use care when enrolling and make sure there’s no overlapping of their classes. Also, please read the description of the courses carefully since some of them may require prerequisites and/or additional fees.

2. Minimum/Maximum of Students per Class

The minimum number of students per class is determined by the teacher’s preferences and fee and cannot be lowered without impacting everyone’s cost. In case the minimum number for a particular class has not been met, depending on the number of students enrolled, the parents will be informed and involved into the final decision; should there be unanimity for increasing the cost of participation per child then the class will be kept, if not cancelled. The maximum number of students/class is also determined both by the teacher and the capacity of the classroom. In case the maximum number is met, a waiting list will be made available to interested students.

3. Age/grade range

As homeschooling parents, we cherish the flexibility we have to find and follow the heartbeat of our families and provide our children with learning opportunities at their own pace. This makes defining grades a complex proposition, as our children may work across several grade ranges in different subjects.

The grade levels specified in our class descriptions are set on age-corresponding grades in regular school. All of our classes are targeted to grade ranges of 2 or more years, to allow for student participation based on the academic level they are at, rather than their age. However, we feel that their emotional development, maturity, social skills, and patience are tremendously important factors that need to be considered as well. Therefore, we are willing to accommodate registrations of students into classes targeted to one year above or below their age corresponding grade. For instance, a mature, academically ready 5th grader may enroll into a class for 6th-8th grades; similarly, a 9th grader working slightly bellow the level may enroll into the same class.

Registrations into a class more than 1 year beyond or bellow the student’s grade level will require Director’s approval.

4. Tuition

Tuition is driven by the negotiated and contracted rates with the instructor/teacher, facility rental cost and overhead expenses required to run this program. Should additional material fees be required for a particular class, it will be mentioned in the description of that class. Tuition amounts vary depending on the nature of the class, its length and its instructor.

Early registration may be offered every term, however, due to our price structure we cannot offer sibling discount at this time. Tuition is non-negotiable.

5. Supplies/Materials

Depending on the class, the teacher may require the students to bring some or all the necessary materials (i.e.: notebooks, markers, pencils, rulers, calculators, etc) and/or textbooks/workbooks. If this is the case, it will be mentioned in the description of the class.

6. Cancelled Class

Cancellation policies:

- cancellation due to number of enrolled kids less than the minimum required – the entire paid tuition will be refunded to families
- weather cancellation: we will be able to offer up to two make up classes in the last one or two weeks of the term
- teacher cancellation: we will be able to offer up to two make up classes in the last one or two weeks of the term


Students are expected to attend all the classes they enrolled into. In case of absence, please send an email to attendance@mosaicexplore.com. The information will be passed on to the respective teacher(s). We won’t be able to offer any make up classes. Also, there won’t be any refunds for missed or skipped classes.

8. Student Withdrawal

Should the student decide to withdraw after the start of the first class, no portion of the tuition will be refunded. However, should the student decide to withdraw before the beginning of the first class, assuming the place can be filled by another student from the wait list, the tuition will be refunded. If there is no wait list or another student willing to fill up the seat, the tuition cannot be refunded. No refunds will be given on the account of mind or schedule changing. Parents are advised to carefully consider the age and the readiness of their students when enrolling into a class. We will not be able to refund for withdrawals due to inappropriate placement.

Requests for withdrawals or change of classes need to be made by email.

9. Expected Behavior

Students are expected to employ a respectful, cooperative demeanor during the time spent at Mosaic Explore, whether in class, during lunch or transitions. Parents and siblings are also expected to manifest behavior appropriate to an educational setting. Mosaic Explore has no tolerance towards bullying or disruptive students.

Mosaic Explore’s guidelines are simple. The first time a student acts disruptively the teacher will give him/her a verbal warning. The second time the student engages into disruptive behavior, the teacher will have a discussion about it with the parent. If the child continues employing the same behavior, then he/she will be removed from the class.
There will be no refunding for a student asked to leave the class due to inappropriate behavior.

10. Use of personal electronic devices

Use of personal electronic devices such as cellular phones, iPods and iPads is prohibited during the class unless it is for educational purposes and has the teacher’s approval. Students are responsible for their items and need to take care of them.

11. Correspondence

Parents are required to register using a current, active email address. The email will be the primary mean of communication between Mosaic Explore and enrolled families. To facilitate the communication between instructors and families, email addresses will be shared only with the teachers conducting the class or classes the parents enroll their children into. E-mail addresses will not be distributed to or shared with any other parts for any reasons.
At registration, the parents will be given the chance to opt in to our family directory that will be distributed only to enrolled Mosaic Explore families.

12. Assignments

Some of the teachers may assign homework or other activities that students need to prepare for the next class. These assignments may be reviewed by the teacher and incorporated into the following classes. No grades will be given, yet the students are expected to complete their homework as assigned and understand that this shows respect for the teacher, and at the same time helps them keep up with the material and improve their learning experience. Failure to complete assignments ahead of the next class may result in a conference with the teacher, the parents, the student and the director of the program.

13. Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement wether, Mosaic Explore may choose to follow the Hillsborough County public schools. Please check WMUR website for school closings: http://www.wmur.com/weather/closings. In the event of a morning weather delay, Mosaic Explore may choose to start classes on time.
Students and instructors will be sent an email by 7am in case of a change/cancellation due to weather. Also, please check the Current Term tab/section on our website for scheduled weather make-up classes.

14. Drop Off / Pick Up and in between

A parent or parent substitute needs to accompany their student(s) to the building and initial a sign in log, fill out the drop off and pick up times, and an emergency phone number. Also, a parent or parent substitute needs to sign out their students at pick up.

Students are not allowed to exit the building without a parent or parent substitute having signed them out.

Given the limitations of waiting areas and supervision, parents are asked to use discretion when students are enrolled in non-consecutive classes. The program director should be notified if a student of reasonable maturity will be waiting between classes. 

Parents need to be prompt at pick up. Mosaic Explore will not be able to provide after care, nor use the facility beyond the rented hour timespan.

All dropped-off students must be mature enough to transition from class to class; also, they need to be able to use the bathrooms and return to the class without disrupting it or needing assistance. Although we aim at having volunteer hall monitors to supervise the hallways, they will not be able to help the children in the bathroom. If parents feel their children need help for using the restroom, they are encouraged to remain on site during classes.

At the beginning of each term, the students will be handed a folder with important documents, such as the layout map of the facility, their schedule and a welcoming letter from Mosaic Explore and their teachers.

15. Parent Substitute

A parent substitute is a trusted adult (i.e. grandparent, friend, nanny, relative, etc) appointed by a student’s own parent to accompany a student to Mosaic Explore, supervise – if needed – with transitions, lunch and/or restroom use, as well as drop off and/or pick up. The parent substitute will also take the responsibility for sign in and out their students. Parents appointing a substitute must complete and submit a Parent Substitute Form for each adult allowed to supervise, sign-in, sign-out, and/or drive.

16. Waiting parents and siblings

Due to the size of our classrooms as well as our goal to offer quality instructional time to our students, parents and siblings cannot be accommodated in the back of the classrooms during sessions. However, parents may make arrangements with the program director and teacher to remain with a student, if needed, to transition him/her to the independent class setting.

Also, in order to prevent disruptions to classes, parents and sibling are strongly discouraged from roaming on the hallways.

Parents and waiting children are welcome to use the allocated waiting room, wi-fi service and outside green area around the church. However, due to the small size of the waiting room we would like to encourage parents to drop off their students and pick them up after their classes.

17. Illness

Parents are asked not to bring students to class if they have had fever, vomiting, or diarrhea, or any other symptoms of contagious or communicable illness within the last 24 hours. We will not be able to administer any type of medicine.

18. Special Needs

Although Mosaic Explore is a fully inclusive program, we do not provide special needs support to students. That being said, if your child has special needs, yet you think she or he can keep up with the class requirements (from both an academic as well as behavioral perspective), you are welcome to have a conversation with the program Director before registering.

19. Religion/Faith

Mosaic Explore Homeschool Enrichment Program is an inclusive, secular program with no religious affiliation. Our program is not sponsored or financially supported in any way by the Unitarian Universalist Church of Manchester.

20. Building Use

Mosaic Explore Homeschool Enrichment Program pays to rent the classrooms at Unitarian Universalist Church of Manchester. All students, parents and siblings are kindly asked and expected to treat the premises with care and respect.

We encourage you to keep in mind the ongoing classes and activities, and discourage you from engaging into loud talking, running or shouting while on the premises.

Please do not use and/or disturb any materials and/or equipment that is found in the classrooms; all of these classrooms are used on a regular basis by other children and teachers and we all have to respect their belongings and space.

No food or drink is allowed inside the Sanctuary.

21. Code of conduct during lunch

Lunch will take place in the Fellowship Hall between 12:00 – 12:25 pm. Parents are encouraged to provide their students with a small bag for any leftovers and waste products. Students are expected to pick up after themselves and leave the tables clean. The same space is used for classes before as well as after lunch.

22. Payments

Payments for course fees are accepted online via a debit card, credit card or PayPal account.
All payments are processed through a service provided by PayPal, however it is not necessary to have a PayPal account in order to pay with a credit or debit card.
As you finalize the registration process, you’ll be redirected to a PayPal webpage where you’ll have the option to choose the payment method between “Pay with my PayPall account” and “Pay with a debit or credit card, or Bill Me Later”.